Tuesday, 15 February 2011


These are some of the things that i have started to source for the shoot. No one has been certain things to source, we have all decided to go and find things that we think we might need or could be of good use somewhere in the shoot.
 These are some big eye lashes i sourced as we have decided to go really big with the eye lashes.

 These are pieces of fabric i found, but i thought they would look really good as gloves? espeically with the gold edges they fit over the hand really well.

 This is some floral lace i brought to go over the models eyes to make the lace outline we are looking for by adding the eye shadow over the top. I thought this is really pretty and would fit in with the styles and research we have found already.

 This is a selection of coloured ribbons i have which we have decided to use for different things like braiding in the models hair.

 This piece of sheer fabric i thought would be good to put over the models head. Or over their face?

This is a selection of make-up i have gathered that we could use on the shoot because the powders are really bright and sparkly and i have a pink and red lipstick also if we decided to change for each model.

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