Friday, 11 February 2011

Ruffles and Viktor & Rolf

From researching ruffles (the idea taken from the images/paintings from each Century when the Queens and ladies wore big gowns and neckpieces) I came across from of these iamges from the designers Viktor and Rolf.

The images are some many different caltwalk collections but inspired when i saw them and are along the same lines as our theme..

 This image is more of a lace mask, but you can see the gold neckpiece and how thye have ruffled the fabric to make it.

 The high necklines, and fanned shoulders are more of the traditional feel we have been looking at. These are more modern takes on the style, but are the same concept we are trying to achieve.

 This dress is really different. But  i really liked the colours, it made me think of a gift/present all wrapped up with the big bow on the side.

This neckpiece is really big, but the black and white works really well. The pulled back hair and the eye shadow around the eyes is the starting point for most of our hair and make-up ideas. The styling aswell feels quite manly as she is wearing a tailored suit but the look has been pulled off really well.

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