Sunday, 27 February 2011

Final 5 - Edited!

These are the final five images that have been edited:

I think these images work really well together. They look so much better through the post production stage, the suggestion of using the colours from the models make-up has really worked. It really brings out the colours and the shapes make it more futuristic and modern. After the post production stage i think the references from each Century have been slightly lost. You can see the from the research where the ideas and different references came from, but you cant look at each model and say they are from...Century. I think the modernisn has come through a lot, which i am realy happy with, and i think these images would look really good in an editorial spread.

In first thoughts for the editorial we thought the close up beauty shot would look good in a magazine like Vogue. Looking through Vogue online and past Vogue issues we thought throught the post productionn stage the images have moved on now and have become more graphic. So you may find them in like Dazed and Confused or a more graphic magazine rather than high end fashion.

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