Sunday, 27 March 2011

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, well known English designer. Known for his quite deep/dark meaningful collections. He always had something to WOW people and make his audience want more at catwalks. These are some outfits from different collections over the ten years he was a famous designer. I have picked them out for ideas for our robotic theme, either because of there colour like solid gold or silver or black or the material they are made out of, like PVC, or even for the structured garments like blazers and suits. All structured and shaped, like an outfit for a robot. solid, no movement.

Spring/Summer 2001 collection.

Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. 

I reallyl ike these dresses, I think they show the structure and the materials they made out of, with the shin PVC effect would work really well to create a robotic sort of look. The outfit has alot of structure and less movement, i think the outfits need to be made of strong garments to show the sharpe, edgey-ness we are looking for. I like the exaggerated figures.

Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

Fall 2010 Collection
These suits show structure, although not made of a solid harsh fabric, the structure gives the shapes we need to create the figure and carry the robotic theme.

Resort 2011 Collection

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Robotic outfits by designers.

These are some outfits i have found by different designers. I am looking at different outfits and materials to get a range of ideas to our shoot.

Thierry Mugler creates PVC dresses 1990's.

Hussein Chalayan designs a robot dress in 2006 at Paris Fashion Week.

                        (Rihanna wearing Hussein's laser couture cut-out dress.)

Balenciaga 2007 ready-to-wear collection. Full of PVC and structured garments, robotic influences.
 "Moments later, his incredible futuristic vision was out of the gate: elongated black jackets with a double-layered shoulder line; cyber-goddess dresses jigsawed from patent leather; space-crew shirts with high white collars"

Group Meeting

Yesterday myself, Nikita and Stephanie met up for a group meeting to discuss ideas so far. We had a few different ideas, but only one stood out that we thought we could push further and be creative with. We decided we are going to try and use my idea of 'robotics' how when we go through school we are treated like robots. Its like a machine turning out children, we go thorugh school in our age groups, with a set routine, breaks, lunch, lessons, like maths, english, science. We are told right from wrong, not to look at the book of book as it is cheating, stick within the boundaries, don't go outside. You must pass each subject and be a certain levels. Everyone is treated the same, no matter or their abilities and interests. We are taught so much that we loose some our creativity, told not to do things differently, there is only one way to do things. This is our narrative for our editorial. I showed the group an editorial i had found from Dazed and Confused, and i think everyone liked the outcomes. They are high-end, studio images with robotic couture clothing. This is the kind of image we are aiming to achieve. Finding a range of robotic photoshoots and images to help my and sophie with the styling and try to get the creative side flowing and the photography girls are looking at lighting and locations, so that we can creative the best images to our ability.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Using the idea of youth cultures

Using the brainstorming ideas, youth culture was a big part of the education. Since for at least five years of our teenage lives we're in education, and youth culture plays a big part in how we grow up, see different things, learn right from wrong and develop as people. We could use this idea of different youth cultures and groups of people. We steorotype people from the first moment see we them by the clothes they are wearing. We could use youth culture as a starting point and show 8 completely different styles of youth culture, maybe not just from today but from the 1980's, 1990's or just stick to the present.
these are some images i found showing different types of people:

Taken from Elle Italia, by Haute Macabre.


Well dressed/glamous/Preppy/popular....

Essex Girls.

Vogue Fashion shoot.

Burberry Campaign By Mario Testino

Heroin chic........

Kate Moss By Corrine Day

Courtney Love


These different steorotypes of people say a lot about youth culture today, youth culture how the world is changing, educating young people and inspiring them to do new things will bring us into the future.
These steorotypes of peoples we have can lead back to style icons. The people/celebrities we look up to as young people? Do thse people have a big influence on our lives not just in style but in our education?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Using letters

Taking the word Education and the letters that make up the word. We could use the letters and take photographs that link to the word education, but start with each letter.

Example, 9 images one image that is about the letter E, like exams. D, U, C, A, T, I, O, N....
These are images i found to start the images.

E in Education for exams. taking photographs to do with exams.

D in Education, for drama.

U in Education for University. A photograph of people wearing their Graduation outfits after university, passing thier degrees.

C in Education, for Chemistry, or Science. Could use a studio for white background and use different bottles and coloured liquids to show the equipment.

A in education for Athletics, sportswear. P.E. could do an outside photo shoot with sportswear that iss in fashion today.

T in Education, for Timetables. We could use the studio get a plain outfits or dress, and cover it in giant cut-out numbers to show the maths side of education.

I in Education, for Imagination or information. We could a photoshoot showing too much informatio or someones imagination. Like the image above with a girl in a flowing dress. The dress is showing the flow of imagination and creativity.

O in Education for Occupations. We could show a range of popular occupations that you gain through your education. ave more than one image on the page layout. To make more variety.

N in education for Nursery. Showing young toddlers and children playing, showing the stages of education and development through education and learning.