Sunday, 13 March 2011

Programmes related to school or youth culture.

Grange Hill.

A popular childrens programme that has been around for many generations. Relating to all issues at sceondary school. The different series shoes how youth culture has changed and developed over the years.
These are images i found from different series of Grange Hill and different scenes.

These images show the different uniforms the school has had and how the childrens how chosen to wear it.


A teenage late night programme that has been a hit with series 5. All about the modern youth culture, school, drugs, sex and violence. It's a real up close and personal programme following these different characters around their school/college seeing the things they get up to in and out of school hours and also how they behave.

These images show the different parties, and the environment these college kids get up too and live in. 

 High School Musical

Once started on the Disney channel, which became such a hit with young children it was turned into a bigger movie, which was so successful there is now 3. This shows an American view on children in high school (secondary). The movies are aimed at a younger audience and therefore much cleaner, the children are very well behaved, do well at school, and take part in school activites such as basketball (a big Amercian sport) and cheerleading. These images are very different to the others seen above.

Although these movies are aimed at a younger audience than say skins, the images given off by the kids in the movie is very different. The boys play basketball, and when naughty they are punished for it, the girls sing and dance and do cheerleading. The image is very innocent.

One Tree Hill.

This programme is also ongoing and very successful with 7 series, with the talk of more. This programme is another American series where the kids are in high school, freshmen and senior year. The audience is a little older, more like skins. The kids have sex, take drugs, go to music concerts etc... The programme is more personal again, and you see the ins- and -outs of their everydy life at school and also out of school. The kids dont wear uniforms in America unlike the UK but there is cheerleading, basketball, and education taking place. The programme shows all the difficulties teenagers go through growing up. 
These are some images from the different series that show the different characters and what they get up too.

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