Sunday, 27 February 2011

Final images together.

This is the order that we are putting the images together in and also on the disc. As i said before the Century looks have kind of gone now through post production, so we felt putting them in order of the Centuries they were meant to be wouldn't matter so much anymore.
This is the final layout for the images:

I wondered if she should change the order so that we mix up the ways the models are looking. For example the models are looking right, looking right, looking left, looking left, and straight on. I thought maybe we should mix it up too looking left, looking right, middle, looking left, looking right. But the others didnt agree and wanted to keep it in this order. I feel these work so much better through post production, and have really come together as a set of five images.

Final 5 - Edited!

These are the final five images that have been edited:

I think these images work really well together. They look so much better through the post production stage, the suggestion of using the colours from the models make-up has really worked. It really brings out the colours and the shapes make it more futuristic and modern. After the post production stage i think the references from each Century have been slightly lost. You can see the from the research where the ideas and different references came from, but you cant look at each model and say they are from...Century. I think the modernisn has come through a lot, which i am realy happy with, and i think these images would look really good in an editorial spread.

In first thoughts for the editorial we thought the close up beauty shot would look good in a magazine like Vogue. Looking through Vogue online and past Vogue issues we thought throught the post productionn stage the images have moved on now and have become more graphic. So you may find them in like Dazed and Confused or a more graphic magazine rather than high end fashion.

Final 5, unedited.

These are the final five images we picked for post production. We have chosen different ones with different angles but made sure each model was looking at the camera.
Personally some of the images i wanted different, i liked the really focused in shots, and the different angles, i wasnt too sure about having each models looking at the camera necessarily. I liked the ones of Adrianna (first image) where she looking up and to the side. I really liked the angles made with the bone structure in her face. I felt maybe the iamges of Cat (second image) and Kasia (fourth image) needed to be closer, maybe making the flowers and hat frame the corners of the page. The others decided these were the best set of images and once been in post production would make the best five images as an editorial.






Editing the images down to the best ones!

In the meeting we all picked out the images we thought were the best from each of the models. These are a selection of the final images we chose. We chose them for different reasons such as, the angle of the models face was better in this direction, there were no closed eyes, no lifted eyebrows, no out of place hair and the models expression was what we were looking for.

Sarah- These are a few selected images from Sarah from the shoot. I really like the delicate, girly feel to these images. The Shine from the gold spray painted lily really comes through in these images.

 Adrianna- These are a few that we selected as her best from the shoot. I really like the angles and colours in these images. With the ruff Steph sourced it looks really good and i think you can see the kind of image we were trying to recreate.

Cat- These a few selected images from the shoot we thought were the best. I feel these images didnt work as well as some of the other models. I think the make-up was a little too much and maybe shouldn't have come down the nose. I feel in post production these can be made a lot better, the colours in the flower can be made more prominent in colour.

Jen-These are a few selected ones from the shoot. The green and gold work really well with her complexion. Her skin was really easy to work with, but in post production i think we can make the colours on her face stand out more. 

Kasia-  These are a few selected images from the day of the shoot. The red of her hair is really prominent and it looks really good. I think making her colours of her eyes green would really constrast well with the red. I feel the images of her without the lipsick work a lot better then the images with.

Here are the contacts sheets from the shoot. These are all the images taken by Nikita and Stephanie on the day of the shoot.

Editing process

On friday myself, Nikita and Stephanie met up to look through our images from the shoot. As said earlier the iamges werent quite as good as we had hoped for, so after further discussions on post production we decided to try and do something like the image Stephanie had found from photoshop magazines. We all agreed it was the directions we wanted the photos to go and that the post production would really make are images a lot better.
This is the image we are using for our post production. Stephanie has put herself forward to do the post production as she took a tutorial on how to do this effect in photoshop. The photographers stated that since they were photographers the editing had to be done by them, but stylists could try out effects too. I suggested in the meeting that we try to use this effect as a background, as the in my ideas the main focus of the images was the make-up, hair and accessories. Adding to much in front of the image would detract the attention from then and give us a whole new meaning for the images. i also suggested we try and keep the main focus the colours running through each models make-up. For example one models main-up was silver and purple, one models green and gold etc. Adding to many colours in post porduction would just make the images confusing and not make each one individual, but still part of a 5 page story. The girls agreed.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Post production - textures

Another idea i thought might work really well for this project would be adding textures to the images.  Using the filters and texture tools photoshop we could test out textures and colours that would fit into each images colour palette.
These are some examples from photoshop tutorial websites of different editing with textures and light.
 This image has colours blended together around the edges to give a faded look. The edges have a slight pattern in them, but with our photos focusing on the portrait - head and shoulders, blending the edges may make the face and make-up more the main focus?

I think the use of the transparancy tool on photoshop makes this image work well. We could use a texture or pattern and put it over the images but changing the transparancy changes how much you can see through it. I think adding textures or patterns or even shapes like we have discussed as stephs idea would work well in this way.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Post production ideas- Light trails

After a meeting with the group we decided post production would be a big part of our final images. We have decided to come up with different ideas to experiment with and then choose the best and which one we think will fit into our 'futuristic/modern make-up' idea.  Here i have looked at different light trail effects we can achieve using photoshop. These are some examples i found online.

 The sharp and blurred circles work really well together, i like how they mix together. We could change the colours of the circles depending on the colours in each image: for example if the iamge has purple in it then we make light trail circles for the background using 2 different shades of purple, or even mixing purple with another colour?

I really like the different colours used in these images. The blurry circles are more futuristic and bring the image to life. We could crop our images into the light trail background, even make some of the colours trail through over the top of the beauty shots?
I think this way of editing is one to concider as i feel it would bring our images to life and make them stand out the page, it also brings the modern concept more to life.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Behind the camera

Today was the shoot, it went really well. All five models turned up on time and we finished at 5pm. We had planned the shoot really well so there wasnt much room for anything to go wrong. The make-up artist (Jade) who came to help us with hair and make-up was amazing. She did a brilliant job. We model looked really good, the photographers snapped away and produced around 350+ photographs for us to look through and edit. Me and Sophie planned out the jewellery and accessories for each model and helped the photographers with poses and angles to take the shots. Everything went to plan!

These are some photographs i took of us working on the studio shoot today: