Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pretty things

 This image was taken by Jo Duck. I liked the whole image of these girls, their hair, make-up and the use of the prop- horses head. The complete styling can't be seen with wooden beam that runs through the bottom 1/3 of the frame. I reckon this image was taken in thre studio, but due to the dark lighting and props you are meant to feel like they are leaning over a post of some sort on location.
 This photograph is an advertisng campaign for Blanche Macdonald Pro Hair styling company. The pink colour palette and photo manipulation of putting in the flowers makes this image really girly. This is a really simple portrait, but with the use of colour and photo manipulation it's worked really well.
 This photograph is very relatable, it was styled by Kate Young a New York based stylist. The photo was taken by Karl Lagerfield, who not only designs for Chanel but takes all the photographs for their Campaigns aswell. I loved the soft colour palette and how they have used all things typically girly.  I really liked this image, and i think it is a typical high-end fashion shoot. The room is very opulent and rich, but the colours have been toned down and changed in post-production.
 This image isn't particularly differernt but the pink paint, and the eye being the main and only thing in the frame it really caught my attention.

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