Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Corinne Day

A self taught British photographer who recently died. Some of her most famous work was of Kate Moss in 1993 where she took images of her in her flat in London. She is known for her 'hard edge documentary' photography.

She is one of my favourite photographers. I liked how she often used dark,dirty or ugly places or props with a beautiful model and clothing. I really like this contrast. These are some of my favourite photographs by her:
 'Gardening time'- Italian Vogue -November 2003

 'Gardening time' - Italian vogue - November 2003

These  two images were published in Italian Vogue in 2003. Here is using the decaying background that isn't very interesting mixed with a done-up model, putting on her make-up wearing heels. I liked that you can see her reflection in the mirror it makes the image more interesting.

 'Colour Council'-September 2005

The strong use of one colour in a corner of the frame works really well. I like how she has been styled to blend in with the background colour but the use of the mirror and seeing whats in it breaks the image up enough so everything is still clearly visable.

'Colour Council'- September 2005

Here the subtle use of the same coloured flowers on the opposite side of the frame makes the viewers scan the whole frame, although the model and the way she has been styled is the main focus. 

 'Golden Years' - 2007 - UK Vogue
Again here the use of mirrors and set up opulent place. Although its not a place many of the viewers can relate too i feel the rich colours of red and gold make the image more high end fashion. I liked that she just captured the moment of the girl looking at herself in the mirror.

 'Golden years' - 2007 - UK Vogue

I really like the ue of mirrors here, its gives another dimention to the image. I think using mirrors is deffinately an option for me. I like the use of reflection and how you can see what the girl is wearing from every angle. Just like you can when you go into a boutique, or trying on a bridesmaid or wedding dress. You can see the beauty from every angle.

 'Glastonbury' 2005 - UK Vogue

The nose of the plane is the frame of this image. It works really well making the viewer look from left to right. The model has been styled in festival clothing. Theres something very real and natural about this image. It doesn't look like its been set up and posed compared some of the above images.

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