Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Post production - textures

Another idea i thought might work really well for this project would be adding textures to the images.  Using the filters and texture tools photoshop we could test out textures and colours that would fit into each images colour palette.
These are some examples from photoshop tutorial websites of different editing with textures and light.
 This image has colours blended together around the edges to give a faded look. The edges have a slight pattern in them, but with our photos focusing on the portrait - head and shoulders, blending the edges may make the face and make-up more the main focus?

I think the use of the transparancy tool on photoshop makes this image work well. We could use a texture or pattern and put it over the images but changing the transparancy changes how much you can see through it. I think adding textures or patterns or even shapes like we have discussed as stephs idea would work well in this way.

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