Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Magazine shoots

These are some different magazine shoots i found and really liked.
Taken from a shoot in The sunday Times magazine Style. The model is Emma Watson and the photograph was taken by Rankin. I liked the plain studio background with the black and white styling. The pose is striking and strong. I feel this pose shows shyness with her arms wrapped around her body.
Also taken from the Style Magazine i like how it feels like half the photograph is missing. You can tell the model is in a restraurant with a boyfriend/partner as she has her arm across the table looking t someone. But it leaves the images narrative up to the viewer. I like the soft lighting aswell and how the background is slightly blurred out.

I liked the make-up on this photograph its really over the top, making it the main focus.
Taken from the Guardian this image doesn't have much too it with no props or anything in the background. The clean, pale, brightness from it really caught my eye. It looks like there is natural light coming through a window on the side.

These images were taken in 2008, they are from Harpers Bazaar website. The title is 'Magical Fashion' where the model - Angela Lindvall is wearing Haute couture and dancing around in what is ment to be diamonds. I thought the idea of using a studio, and fan and making glitter or things fall around the model is quite a good idea. The images look really pretty and the garments chosen go well with the wonderland/winter/magical theme.

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