Sunday, 27 February 2011

Editing process

On friday myself, Nikita and Stephanie met up to look through our images from the shoot. As said earlier the iamges werent quite as good as we had hoped for, so after further discussions on post production we decided to try and do something like the image Stephanie had found from photoshop magazines. We all agreed it was the directions we wanted the photos to go and that the post production would really make are images a lot better.
This is the image we are using for our post production. Stephanie has put herself forward to do the post production as she took a tutorial on how to do this effect in photoshop. The photographers stated that since they were photographers the editing had to be done by them, but stylists could try out effects too. I suggested in the meeting that we try to use this effect as a background, as the in my ideas the main focus of the images was the make-up, hair and accessories. Adding to much in front of the image would detract the attention from then and give us a whole new meaning for the images. i also suggested we try and keep the main focus the colours running through each models make-up. For example one models main-up was silver and purple, one models green and gold etc. Adding to many colours in post porduction would just make the images confusing and not make each one individual, but still part of a 5 page story. The girls agreed.

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