Monday, 21 February 2011

Post production ideas- Light trails

After a meeting with the group we decided post production would be a big part of our final images. We have decided to come up with different ideas to experiment with and then choose the best and which one we think will fit into our 'futuristic/modern make-up' idea.  Here i have looked at different light trail effects we can achieve using photoshop. These are some examples i found online.

 The sharp and blurred circles work really well together, i like how they mix together. We could change the colours of the circles depending on the colours in each image: for example if the iamge has purple in it then we make light trail circles for the background using 2 different shades of purple, or even mixing purple with another colour?

I really like the different colours used in these images. The blurry circles are more futuristic and bring the image to life. We could crop our images into the light trail background, even make some of the colours trail through over the top of the beauty shots?
I think this way of editing is one to concider as i feel it would bring our images to life and make them stand out the page, it also brings the modern concept more to life.

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