Sunday, 6 February 2011

Black and White photography

Black and white photography can work as well as colour, sometimes even better. These are some images that i have picked out that i feel really work in black and white.

'Rock Chic'..

These 3 images are by a London based photographer called Ed Salter.

The props and styling of these images work well with their title. The black knee length boots, the fur gilet, over-sized glasses, and the broken reocrds and speakers are items you can associate with 'rock'.
The studio shoot is very plain, but the contrast of the white background, and black props make the image work better.

This is a Chanel advertising campaign with Lily Allen. The black and white really contrast each other and make the advert stick out on the page.

 This is a photograph taken by Corinne Day. I really liked how the movement of the train on the right is blurred and dress has lots of movement.

 This is an editorial piece from Wonderland magazine, the models pose is really strong and i like how she is on the left half of the frame not using the same middle angle.

 This is a advertisment of Pringle of Scotland. The models pose and facial expressions really make this image work. The clothing is very much part of the photograph, but i feel as a studio shoot it works really well.

In this image the main colour is white. The only way the viewer can tell between the background and the clothing is the texture. This is quite a clever idea, playing with movement and posing in this also works well.

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