Sunday, 27 February 2011

Editing the images down to the best ones!

In the meeting we all picked out the images we thought were the best from each of the models. These are a selection of the final images we chose. We chose them for different reasons such as, the angle of the models face was better in this direction, there were no closed eyes, no lifted eyebrows, no out of place hair and the models expression was what we were looking for.

Sarah- These are a few selected images from Sarah from the shoot. I really like the delicate, girly feel to these images. The Shine from the gold spray painted lily really comes through in these images.

 Adrianna- These are a few that we selected as her best from the shoot. I really like the angles and colours in these images. With the ruff Steph sourced it looks really good and i think you can see the kind of image we were trying to recreate.

Cat- These a few selected images from the shoot we thought were the best. I feel these images didnt work as well as some of the other models. I think the make-up was a little too much and maybe shouldn't have come down the nose. I feel in post production these can be made a lot better, the colours in the flower can be made more prominent in colour.

Jen-These are a few selected ones from the shoot. The green and gold work really well with her complexion. Her skin was really easy to work with, but in post production i think we can make the colours on her face stand out more. 

Kasia-  These are a few selected images from the day of the shoot. The red of her hair is really prominent and it looks really good. I think making her colours of her eyes green would really constrast well with the red. I feel the images of her without the lipsick work a lot better then the images with.

Here are the contacts sheets from the shoot. These are all the images taken by Nikita and Stephanie on the day of the shoot.

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