Saturday, 12 February 2011

18th Century

These images i found on it shows a range of images of the different styles of hair and clothing throughout the 18th Century. All these iamges will help us to decide the best looks for each Century and really push the styling of hair and make-up to make these images more futuristic and modern with the old twist.

 Again these images use the up-do hair with tight long curls down either side of the face. I think these hairstyles look really good and really show the images of the times we are trying to recreate. These up-do hairstyles with also help us to really psuh them make-up and make it really out there and extravagant.

 I also really liked this ideas of using the big feathers in the hair. I thought this was really different compared to the other styles and images we have been looking at. I think using a really bright feather that was used in the make-up would make the image fit together better and really stand out.

The jewellery is quite big, full of jewels and pearls. I think in some images we should use the ruff and some iamges we should try and push the jewellery with necklaces, brooches and earrings as we intend to only take portrait photographs from the neckline upwards.

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