Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Photoshoot plan....

We have booked the studio for wednesday 16th feburary. This is the plan for the day...

  • 1st Kasia -10.45am
Hair: natural curls, volumised. A real life flower in her hair. aybe twigs with gems.
Make-up: Silver forehead to eyes/nose, silver sparkles on chest and blocks around the eye, big fake lashes.

  • 2nd Jennifer - 11.45am
Hair: Green and gold fabric headpiece mixed together, hair is gelled back.
Make-up: bronze shimmery, lashes that come out at the ends more, loose eyeshadow around the eyes with the lace patterned eye shadow. black eyeliner.

  • 3rd Sarah - 1pm
Hair: long ponytail which is then braided over the head. Pearl hair spins, gold ribbons braided into the hair. Maybe a pearl choker or choker of some sort.
Make-up: Flowers in the hair, maybe spray painted. bronze cheeks, gold lips or lipstick of some colour. And fake eye lashes.

  • 4th adrianna - 2.15pm
Hair: beehive with the a necklace hanging over her forehead. Black ribbon and pendant choker necklace. A ruff around the neckline.
Make-up: lace pattern over the eyes, black and purple colour palette. and big lashes.

  • 5th Cat - 3.15pm
Hair: twisted hair with parting down the middle of her head. Black velvet choker.
Make-up: Bold, black eyes, black feather lashes or feather attached to hair? Pink lipstick in heart shape (like the queen of hearts in alice in wondrland.) Natural Blusher.

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