Friday, 11 February 2011


These are some more make-up ideas using lace as we have decided as a group to use lace on one of the models. We have thought about literally using the lace around the head, or using the lace as a pattern to rub eye shadows over and leave the lace pattern on the face.

 This image shows how the lace has been used as a pattern and the eye shadow hs been rubbed over it to leve this patttern. I think the textured effect left on the skin around the eyes is really affective.

 This is a Dior Autumn/Winter campaign, here they hve used the lace around the top of the head and slightly covering the eyes.

This effect again is using the lace and eye shadow. The side profile that this photo has been taken from also works well on this idea, as we will only put the lace over one eye.

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