Monday, 31 January 2011

Vogue photo shoot

This photoshoot was published in Vogue magazine in March 2009. The images only contain black and white, i think this shows that you don't need to overload a photograph with colours to make it work. The photographs were taken by Nick Knight, the stylist was Charlotte Stockdale and the model is Anja Rubik.

 These action shots aren't really about the garments because you cant see it all well enough to know what it actually looks like. But the child-like/outburst poses and the smiley expressions i feel give off a positive vibe. Although the colours black and white arent colours associated with happiness, the contrast of them works well with the plain studio backdrop.

 I really like this cropped image, you can't see the models face very well but because of her props and actions you get the idea she is listening to music. Because of that i don't think you need to see her face for this to work.

These images are easy to recreate, the lighting is soft and the styling is only using the black and white garments. Her poses give off a 'rock chick' sort of feel, which works well with the colours, her attitude comes across in the photos.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

David La Chapelle

An amazing contemporary photography based in New York City. His work has been published in some of the top selling magazines such as; Interview, Play Boy, Italian Vogue, French Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Flaunt, I-D and the Sunday Times. He is best known for his work with celebrities. One thing that is different about Lachapelle is his use of photo manipulation. His photos are bursting with colour and presence and often have a story line behind them. David creates portraits, editorial and advertising pieces. Some of the celebrities that he has worked with are: Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Ben Afleck, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Elton John, Kylie Monigue, and Paris Hilton. For some of his advertising campaigns he has worked with designers such as the late Alexander McQueen and John Paul Gaultier.

In 2009 i was lucky enough to go to one of his exhibitions in Paris, France at La Monnaie De Paris the exhibition was called "Retrospective David La Chapelle". Feb 6th - May31st 2009.

I wouldn't be able to recreate his work, but i think it can give alot of inspiration. He creates some of the most extravagant scenes and sets. These are some of my favourites. The editorial disaster images are mixing the beautiful and the ugly. They have had alot of photo manipulation, but angle of the frame and positions of the models work really well to create this scene.
"Can you help us" Italian vogue 2005
"The house at the end of the world" Italian Vogue 2005
Paris Hilton - Rolling Stone

Cameron Diaz -
Ewan Mcgregor -

Friday, 28 January 2011

Way Perry

Way Perry is a stylist based in London, he works closely with Wonderland Magazine. I have noticed that in his work with celebrities he trys to portray their personality alot in the photographs, which is a similar style to David La Chapelle the only difference being La chapelle is a photographer.

These images of Pharrell Williams show his very casual hop-hip style, and the coloured backdrops are used to show Pharrells bright personality.

His editorial images are light-hearted and humourous. These are taken from Wonderland Magazine, December/November 2010 issue. The photographer was Kenneth Cappello. I really liked them because it is a play on the modern-day man. The model is wearing make-up, and is very childish poses. Some props he uses are dummies. But he is wearing different styled suits. The suit is an outfit for men that is very in fashion at the moment. Trying to make men dress well every day not just for speical occassions.

I have chosen to include these photographs styled by Way Perry beause although the lighting is very simpe and the camera angle is face on i feel they work really well. It also shows some more of Way Perry's humourous pieces. The styling is still quite simple but shows it can really work. I feel black and white images can work just aswell as colour if used in the right way.
"I don't design clothes. I design dreams" - Ralph Lauren

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Benjamin a Huseby

Benjamin Huseby is New York based photographer, he often works on locations. The main magazine he works for is Harpers Bazaar USA. 

 (Both images are from Harper's Bazaar USA).

I have chosen these images because they show opulence and richness. The colours aren't very bright or bold, but the colours used are golds, blacks, greys, soft blues. All these together with the opulent location such as; a grand house, or infront of a mansion is the perfect location to portray this image. The models look very elegant in the way the are styled and the positions they are posing in for the photograph. The models have been positioned in a 1/3 of the frame which helps make the image more pleasing on the eye. These locations may be hard to find, or to copy but i find them very inspriational.
This is an image taken by the photographer Alexei Hay, he is based in New York City. Some of the publications he has worked with are : Vanity Fair, Purple, and Details. He has also worked with alot of celebrities like Beyonce, Donatella Versace, 50 Cent, Tom Ford, Janet Jackson and Sienna Miller. His work can be found on .

These are some more examples of his studio based work. I really like how simple the images are, the camera angle, and the styling i feel they work really work. He has framed the pose of the model and their body shape so they create a frame and make the viewers eye scan the whole image. The lighting is quite soft and simple but with the image he is portraying this works really well.