Friday, 1 April 2011

Shadow Lighting

An idea i had for lighting was that it would be really create really harsh shadows from the model. We could use a white backdrop, and make the lighting really bright and harsh so that the bold robotic poses we get our model to do, the shadows would then reflect her pose and create a really nice picture.

The shadow idea comes from the robotic/facotry/machine idea. That when products go through a machine, each part of the machine does the same movements to create identical products each time. That is like children going through school, we are treated like a machine so the shadows copy the model and create a double, so each image has the model and a shadow carrying through.

These are some different examples i found of different lighting in the studio and on location that create this harsh shadow.

 This round spot light lighting i also liked. It really makes the models and her outfit the main focus, the colours soften the image and make it easy on the eye. The spotlight reminds me of a flash, like the part of the machine that the product is going through..... showing each stage of its production.....

 This lighting is quite pale, but it shows the idea really well. The movemnt the model has is shown in the shadows. If the model was robotic and structured the shapes created by the shadows could be really effective.

 This bright white lighting is really good. With the shiny fabrics and the metalic colours and mixed patterns we are going for, this kind of lighting might really bring them out and make them even more bold than they are. The shadow contrast of balck and white is really good as well. It makes the viewer look around the whole framing of the iamge, and the contrast makes it more eye catching.

These images below are from V Magazine Spring/Summer 2011.
Glam Slam
Photography : Mario Testino
Styling: Andrew Richardson

I really liked the lighting effect used on these images. Both images on the left side of the page have a dark shadow cast behind the model, i think this double effect would really work for our narrative. The pose of the model also helps, angler shapes with the arms and legs will help create more of a robotic feel. I also feel the curve on the model pose is very striking, it makes the viewer stop and look at the image on the page. The black and white contrast is so high, it also pulls out more details in the pose and the outfits. I feel black and white images might work well for us in our sequence of images espiecally if the garments are structured liking suiting.

Laura Sciacovelli an Italian born photographer, who works in both Rome and Paris. Her photographs have been published in magazines like: Another Man, British Vogue, China Vogue and she works for fashion houses such as Prada and Miu Miu.  I picked these iamges because of the shadow lighting. Her images are quite soft, with a soft lighting, but i really liked the poses the models are creating and the shadows they are leaving.

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